Seminars 2004 – 2015

By now its 11 years I have been teaching the Sankaran method in Germany, since 2004, and mostly my seminars are accredited by DZVHAE, SHZ and several LÄKs.

I have prepared 3 day seminars on “Energy and Matter” – 1 : 12 videocases upper rows of periodic table and Imponderabilia, Birds, The Big Blue – Ocean remedies, Mammals, Insight into Plants 1, Magnificient Plants, Carbohydrates, Casetaking with Lifecases, and several days to introduce Sensation Method with Videocases.

I prepare the seminars very meticulously, for months, and at the same time I deepen my understanding of the subject considerably.

It starts with editing of the video cases, then I prepare the German word-for-word translation for English cases, followed by adding comments line by line into the case script. Thereafter I prepare the written material to be given to the participants…and finally I prepare the powerpoint presentation and the questions and answers which go with it.

In this way it becomes an intensive preparation – the seminar participants really benefit a lot – and thereafter their patients!

During the seminar the discussions give further focus on the subjects and with your questions and comments it is looked at from many different perspectives.

I teach more holistically since 2009 – I call it “interactive teaching” – by addressing the participants and their skills in perception, concentration and communication instead of only “watching video cases” – the latter can be achieved perfectly with Rajan Sankarans very instructive DVDs.

Have a look at the seminars of the recent years:

2004 Introduction Subject “several plant families” with papercases, in Bremen, 3 days

2005 Subject “What is a VitalSensation”, video cases, lifecase, 3 days, Bremen,

Introduction to the Sankaran Method, 1 day, near Munster

2006 Introduction and subject “Each person somehow knows his own healing substance” ,video cases from all 3 kingdoms – mammals, minerals 3rd row, plant family malvales, lifecase,

Bremen 3 days, near Munster 2 days, Cologne 2 days, near Bamberg 3 days

2007 May – June subject “Several subgroups: spiders, snakes, birds, minerals – esp. 2nd row”, videocases, lifecase, 3 days

Bremen, Kiel, Erfurt, Cologne, Emden, Emsdetten near Munster

2008 May- June subject „Levels of experience, refined case taking techniques, „neither mineral, nor plant nor animal“, video cases, lifecase, 3 days

Bremen, Erfurt, Kiel, Trier, Emsdetten near Munster

2008 June subject „Bats“, videocases, lifecase, 1 day, Bremen

2008 October subject “casetaking techniques with compensated patients, 4th row of periodic table”, videocases, 1 day, Bremen

2009 May- June Subject “Introduction into the Sankaran Method – different subgroups: spiders, snakes, birds, mineral remedies”, videocases, 3 days, Bremen

2009 May- June Subject “The 2nd row of the periodic table – different carbons, compounds, salts, acids“ – videocases, lifecase, 3 days

Bremen, Erfurt, Emsdetten, Kiel, Trier

Subject “Introduction to the Sankaran Method and bird remedies”, 3 days, videocases


2009 October Subject “Insight into plants – several plantfamilies, sourcewords, miasms”; videocases, lifecase, 3 days

Bremen, Emsdetten

2010 May-June Subject “The Big Blue – remedies from the ocean” , molluscs, marine mammals, and others, video cases, interactive excercises, Bremen, Emden, Kiel, Erfurt,

2010 October

Seminar “The Big Blue – remedies from the ocean”, molluscs, marine mammals and others, video cases, interactive excercises Trier

Seminar “Case Taking Techniques” 3 Live cases , interactive Case Taking excercises, video cases Bremen

Seminar “Insight into plants” video cases, interactive excercises, Duisburg

2011 May- June “Magnificient Plants – Bezaubernde Pflanzen” – plantfamilies Magnolinae (Nux mosch, Asar), Piperaceae, Papaveraceae, Fungi and their characteristics, with videocases in Bremen, Emsdetten, Emden, Kiel

“Imponderabilia” Ringvorlesung University Kiel

“Insight into Plants” Hildesheim

“Introduction to the Sankaran Method” University Leipzig

2011 October

“Magnificient Plants” in Trier

“Introduction to the Sankaran Method” with LifeCase in Bremen

” DD – groupthemes of reptiles, spiders, Insects – 2nd and 3rd row of the periodic table” in Bremen

“3 days CarboHydrates” in Duisburg

“Basiskurs Hypnotherapy” in Bremen