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Website of Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Books, DVDs from Dr. Sankaran about the Sankaran Method

Book for therapists, patients and newcomers in this approach of classical homoeopathy

“The other song“

DVD „The essence of the Sankaran Method“, 40 min, E 10,00

Literature for homoeopaths studying the Sankaran Method

„The sensation in homoeopathy“

„Sensation refined“

„Insights into plants“ 3 Bände

„Structure“ on mineral remedies

„Mollusc“ animal subgroup, 1st volume of „survival“ on animal groups.

DVD „Sankaran Live“ , record of the seminar in Badenweiler, Germany

Homoeopathic software produced for practising and studying the Sankaran Method

Vital Quest, Info and order via

Literature, magazines and DVDs for those studying homoeopathy

„Organon“ by S. Hahnemann

„The spirit of homeopathy“ Dr. Sankaran

„The substance of homoeopathy“ Dr. Sankaran

DVD „The levels of experience“ – Dr. Sankaran

A new German magazin „Spektrum der Homöopathie“, will be published in english soon, editors are Christa Gebhardt und Jürgen Hansel

It contains contributions of Dr. Sankaran, Scholten and other wellknown classical homoeopaths.

Orders can be placed with and other homoeopathic mail order businesses.