What is a trituration?

A trituration is the first process for manufactoring a homoeopathic remedy. Starting with 2 g of a crude substance, this is then prepared in mortar and pistill and pure lactose is added as a carrier.The C-Potencies used in classical homoeopathy have been triturated for 1 hour, before starting the 2nd process – dilution and succussion – needed to prepare a remedy. In his last years Hahnemann developed the LM-Potencies. These remedies have been triturated for 3 hours, and the diluted even fine, 1:50.000, as compared to the C-Potencies 1:100. These seem to act finer, softer and even more effective.

About 10 years ago, a German researcher, Witold Ehrler, discovered that by noticing effects in body, mind and emotions while triturating a substance, a kind of “proving” of this substance can be obtained.He further proposes to triturate a substance for 4 or even for 5 hours, to have it unleash its highest potential.

Since then “Trituration provings” have been going on in germany in homeopathic circles, and its ever astonishing to see how much of proving is really happening, especially if the participants are attentive and sensitive.

We have done a number of triturations in Integral Health, f.ex. Blue Whale.