Global summit 2023 Imponderables, Sarcodes and Evolution

GlobalSummit  „Imponderables, Sarcodes and Evolution

An online global homeopathic summit with more than 30 leading homeopaths from 20 countries  shared their questions and findings in their field of inquiry in the first days of November. The topic of this cutting edge event organised  by „Via Homeopathica“ was  „Imponderables, Sarcodes and Evolution“. Here a firework of latest research and insights from decades of dedicated practice were presented.In Sensation Method rare remedies are prescribed in so called „Source cases“, and quite some of these remedies would not show up in Materia Medica and repertorisations, not even with the latest repertories like „Reliable Repertory” created by Dr. Sankaran, and Complete Dynamics.

Its not surprising then, that for evolution of Materia Medica, homeopaths teaching Sensation Method –   Andreas Holling, Wyka Feige and Sigrid Lindemann-  presented on Imponderabilia:  Andreas Holling presented his research on „Solar Eclipse“ and a case of the remedy „Tempeste“ – Thundercloud , substantiating it with the proving and a  case presentation by Jacques Echard (2008).

Sigrid Lindemann presents a detailed 2 hour prerecorded introduction to Imponderables – deciphering how matter and energy uniquely interact in different imponderables. She gave an overview over terrestrial and cosmic Imponderables, and a strategic approach for effective prescribing. She characterised the group of Imponderables and what healing means in this context specifically. She shared her experience prescribing over a dozen imponderable remedies, with the example of 5 impressive short cases of Positronium (proving by Misha Norland) and Black Hole (Cygnus-X, proving by Jason-Aeric Hünecke). A differential diagnosis of imponderables with radioactives and gem stones rounded off her presentation. Her life presentation focussed on a case of Jupiter, (proving by Olga Fatoula) , a video case with documented healing over several years.

Wyka Feige presented an exceptional case of Electricitas. The remedy was successfully prescribed  for a young patient suffering from a recurrent brain tumor. Electricitas is a imponderable remedy is contained in Clarke Materia Medica from 1900.

More on Imponderables 

Homeopaths from all over the world shared highly relevant insights:  Roland Günther presented the findings on the proving „ultrasound“,  and would consider giving it when ultrasound examination is  conducted unusually frequently during pregnancy. Roman Buchimensky shared his experience, when a patient responded positively after being given  Lux – Stella Polaris, Northern Light. The remedy Polaris has been proven by Jeremey Sherr.  Polaris is just an estimated 433 light-years away…

Russian homeopath and proving leader Olga Fatula presented a case of Saturn, the english translation is available soon.

Andreas Bjorndal from Norway, active in ECCH, presented his research on provings and their methodology – leaving no questions unasked, and breaking many commonly held narratives. He has conducted ten or more provings every year since 2008. This includes systematic provings of cosmic energies like stars, as well as gem stones, and many much more unusual „proving substances“.

Sarcodes and nosodes,

Gaurang Gaikwad from Dr. Sankarans Group in Mumbai presented on „Sarcodes in complicated and pathological cases“, in a very insightful presentation. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, a stalwart of homeopathy in India, shared his decades of experience with sarcodes: “every organ holds a consciousness“. The aim of   Ajit Kulkarni`s presentation is spelled out in his article “Why every homeopath should be able to use sarcodes to heal a patient”. On registration for this summit, this article is send as a gift.

Alize Timmermans spoke about the remedy „Menstrual blood“ and was sharing her insights into restoring womens health with several hormone remedies . Kate Birch presented her findings of  a very thorough research study with a big group of participants on the Covid Nosode, which certainly  deserves to  be shared very widely.

A Global Proving had been conducted by Chetna Shukla and Eileen Nauman. Here at the summit the proving substance was revealed. It is a gem stone named Shungite,  a black stone and elemental  Carbon.  (Available with Helios Pharmacy). It is said in esoteric circles that this stone has the ability to ward of frequencies, including those of 5g . It will be fascinating to get a final proving report in the coming months.

Borders of homeopathy pushed in all aspects – Remedy preparation

Even the holy grail of „globules and liquid preparations“ is put to the test:

A second finding of this latest global proving is the confirmation that „frequency remedies“ seem to work for provings: a good number of proving participants „ingested“ the remedy as „frequency remedy“: listening to a specially prepared audio file. This had the same effect as proving remedies given in form of globules. Or is it just due to the synergy, the morphogenetic field of the proving substance? More research is certainly welcome – but benefits of frequency remedies are established by now:

Roman Buchimensky and team have started conducting “online provings with frequency remedies” in 2020, and this worked: over 30 provers reported symptoms, and the remedy was “Arnica Montana” in frequency.  Roman Buchimensky and team have been using these remedy effectively for patients since: Frequency remedies can be send via internet directly to the prover or person requesting a remedy for healing. This form of administering homeopathy for healing can support people living far off from pharmacies, or in countries where homeopathy hardly exists.(e.g. projects in Africa).

Senior homeopaths Deborah Collins and Eileen Nauman offered their insights  on working with „noetic remedies“: by this they mean  creating a healing effect through  with intent and conscious intent,  similar to administering  a homeopathic remedy.

I experienced enchantment throughout this global summit: There is magic. There is science. There are so many ways to heal through consciousness. And the mesmerising question remains: „What is homeopathy“?

All presentations, are available through the website

p.p.s. For Summit participants a first aid kit of homeopathic frequencies of imponderable remedies will be made available free of charge for a period of 3 months.