Harmony and Samata

These two new homeopathic remedies have been prepared here 7 years ago. In August 09 I took on the documentation of the experiences people had after taking the remedies.

The remedies carry the energies of the spiritual founders and initiators of Auroville, the Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo and his partner Mirra Alfassa, „The Mother“. These two researchers of consciousness postulated the evolution of mankind towards a new species. They documented their experiences and research extensively, f.eg. “The Life Divine”, “Mothers Agenda” etc.

The reports collected till now consist of very interesting experiences and clearly show certain positive effects. Obviously these remedies can be experienced also just by contact or in a focussed meditation. The two remedies and more information about them are available with me on request.

“Harmony Mother” can also be ordered at Helios www.helios.co.uk.

“Homoeopathic Links” will publish an article about “Harmony” and “Samata” soon. The monthly Auroville magazine „ Auroville Today“ has prepared an article on them for their February 2010 issue. I plan to make both the article available here after their publication.