Trituration Platanus

Platanus is a “small remedy” in the repertory, there is so little information that its probably rarely prescribed.

Very typical for this remedy from what we could observe was the movement between 2 extremities, Dreamlike thoughts, moving from one to the other polarity, from beauty into ugly memories or daydreams…from sadness into laughing states…. conflicting nature. Feels good and warm if the person can trust and just floating with the live…feels protected, if not live go into hart emotions can go into the need of to shout or scream.

Platanus is part of the Hamamelidae family. According to the trituration I would situate it in the leprosy miasm.


Impatience but in the same time one can go into a subject easily and floating with it , looking for familiar atmosphere, like to feel cosy, specially in rainy weather….lonely, feels the need somebody takes care about him, if not emotions easily take over and are out of control,

Sadness deep inside, close to desperation, need to scream, ones attention is deep inside, alone, afraid of being left alone, jumpy, crying, dizzy

Contrary to: inner love and happiness, warm sensation around the heart, coloured flowers, beauty, in doing this work I feel like an artist, calm, dreamy, sensual, depth, sensitive, vulnerable, delicate, defiant

Need for trusting somebody or into a situation, feels trust is like the base of all for this person, “Trust… I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul; if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy”


Head, pain, above root of nose, pressing inwards…ext. Above head, vertex,

With sensitive scalp and wooly feeling in the brain.

Head, sensation as if open, similar to Cannabis

Head dropping down forwards, pain in the front part can be very sharp


Face pain under eyes

Face pain, sinusitis under cheekbone. sore, heavy feeling ext. Up to the skull ,also from the upper teeth

Face, swollen, as if under right eye

Face, swollen, as if upper lip,

Face twitching upper lip as burning

Face, as if network in lines upper lip area


Tickling at the tip of the nose


Eyes, heaviness

Eyes, as if hollow behind the eyes,

Eyes as if eyes are deep in skull

Eyes, Lids itching, Eyes burning


pain under tongue, heavy, ext to larynx

Mouth, would like to chatter with the teeth, to bite (2)

Mouth, playing with tongue,


Burning sensation, scratchy difficult so swallow very dry or the other way around, swallowing a lot…a lot of salvia, feeling of vomit


Empty feeling, feel like hungry dreaming about heavy food..


several incidents of bladder infection with a lot of heaviness, sore pain, no micturition even after drinking a lot of water the last 3 days,


Pulsing sharp pain in the end of the big intestine, coming and going


Menstruation to early and painless


Heartbeat very irregular


Back pain down to the spin,


Legs can feel heavy, claves cramp, legs feels like roots growing into the ground, cold

shoulders can feel heavy,

General Observation

Interesting to observe was also that all the members which where a part of this proving work, felt very much connected to nature , all in their personal way…Birds and dogs where watching us working, wind and trees big forests where around us, growing of roots, digging into the ground , growing up to the sky, leaves and flowers. Water was always close or a part of it……