Trituration Calotes Lizard

The substance: Some characteristics of the behaviour of Calotes versicolor – more can be found on Wikipedia. Additionally: They live very shyly in the bushes, one never sees them. Then suddenly they race down in lightening speed the tree trunk of their hiding tree in order to catch prey. In mating season they forget about their shyness, and the males get the bright red and yellowish colour so suddenly they are very visible. To impress the female they do a kind of push ups or moving the head to and fro. Immediately after mating the bright colours disappear. They live for years in the same tree or bush. My daughter got bitten by small but very sharp teeth. They look like mini dinosaurs, or similar to chameleons, but have strong claws and a hard body covered with scales.

The specimen was discovered in my bathtub, caught at first by a towel thrown over. Thereafter my daughter could just grab the very tip of the tail of it when it escaped up the tree trunk nearby. She held it very tight, and a small bits of the crate in the neck was cut off with a scissors. We released the poor guy immediately.

Quality of the trituration – proving:

Its quite amazing to see that characteristics of the substance do come through quite well in the trituration: For example: the feeling of chameleon in the first hour, the immobile posture and tranquillity, the territory and feeling of moving again and again on the very same path, the sudden change of mood if mating is not happening, the feeling to be able to adapt to any situation.

This shows that the imprint or energy of the substance was really experienced during the 7 hours session. The remedy of several provers is known and didn’t seem to influence it, with probably the exception of the dream of babies.

Prover A

First hour:

Dis – tance. Feeling of a distance, a distance from the world and everything

Pressure on the third eye.

Feeling everything goes backward, a path back.

Physical Symptoms

Heaviness in the whole body, absolutely immobile, feet glued to the ground.*

Hearing New sounds. Totally absorbed by sounds and vibrations.

Diagonal symptoms, fullness in spleen, throat and right auricular region, with a waving, surging pulsating feeling.

My own symptoms, like the pressure and sound in my right ear were all aggravated.

A feeling that I am back to square one with my healing process, as if everything was annihilated, going backwards in time. But no worries about it

A total grounding feeling.

2nd hour – emotional symptoms

A true story comes to my mind. There is, indeed, a person in America, a scientist from Nasa, busy with the work of shifting the earth a bit further away from the sun…because in a few million years the sun will be so hot that it will annihilate all life on earth. So why not shift the earth a bit away from the sunrays. But how? Well, why not attract a meteorite to pass by close to the earth, so that the impact of it, would change the orbit of the earth. One would have to shift the moon and such things also a bit. Later on, when the sun has cooled off a bit, one would have to put everything back into place….

I experienced a powerful feeling that I could change things on this planet.

Total feeling of “dreamtime’, meaning that we are dreaming out the world / Aboriginal feeling asnd thinking.

Third hour Mental Symptoms

No thinking at all takes place.

Only SNOW….. in the sense of a hallucinogenic blank feeling, as being in ice and snow.

Rather cool.

No feeling of time and space.

“Obama’ cool like Obama. And remembering his speech after being elected, esp. where he mentioned the first thing in the Whit House that would change, would be the presence of her daughters puppy.

Totally absorbed in the triturating, totally focused and lost in the white pot.

Sleepy. Dozing off. Woken up by all the different sounds, melting into them and trying to make a synfonie out of them, a little garden concerto.

Visions of mountains.

Starting to see faces. Of little devils, nuns, old “fallen” kings, a bit degenerated, more looking like the old chief of pirates, or the king of thieves.

Some animals as well, chipmunks, small monkeys, predators. Nothing frightening.

This is all a big fairy tale. A good Hollywood movie like the “The Pirates of the Carribean Sea” with Jonny Depp.

While triturating I create reality, another reality, a reality with a lot of artistic beauty, wonderful colors, paintings of Emil Nolde and even Vincence van Gogh come to mind.

And there is definitely a mischief in the air. A lot of mischief, which you would not expect from this guy.

A feeling of I am in charge, very powerful, like the king of the world. Nothing can harm me, I am so cool and powerful (maybe a bit bloated, blown up in the throat area) Well, I can be a little boaster from time to time.

Feeling of depravity no moral feelings and limits whatsoever.

Feelings of being able to change my face, and personality very quickly.*

4th hour

I was a bit hooked on the civit cat, but as we saw, it could not have been a mammal, because there was no communication goin on in the room. Everybody was very much absorbed in himself.

The feeling afterwards was of a total surprise….

I am sure this remedy will make its way! There are lots of Tree Lizards among us.

Prover B – Supervisor, knew the source

Physical symptoms

Eye Heaviness, Eyelids, spec. l

Swelling, r eye, outer side, on waking

Vision: attentive, cunning, alert into the group with immobile body*

Head Forehead: Moving to and fro, in sync with my breath *

like a bulging in the center, above the nose

Pain, stitching finely in this bulge, diameter 3cm

Pain, stitching, deep, lancinating, center of l eyebrow

Pain, helmet, like a, pressing asunder, with a deep lancinating pain in one point on the left side backwards from the temple, incl. Pressing on the eyelids.

Throat enlarged, feeling as if

gurgling feeling,

Pain, like a tight clamp, piercing deeply into to 2 spots in the sides

Swallowing, feeling acutely up to the ears

Face, enlarged, heavy feeling – difficult to smile or show emotions

Still, only eyes moving, aware of eyesockets*

Mouth, feel acutely the bottom of my tongue

Stomach Burning, soreness at entrance of stomach, 10 p.m.

Abdomen Pain, r side, sore, around Appendix

Genital Female Menses, too early

Chest: big pressure and pain in the area of the heart, sore (3) (several days very intense)

in the evening and afternoon

Pressed inwards, the whole chest

With numbness

Pain, tearing outwards, the whole chest

Pain, lancinating, SolarPlexus, just the lower border of the sternum- point.

Heart, feels wide open

Warmth, whole chest

Back: Neck, Pain as if there is a tweezer pressing together, paining deep inside (2) (repetitively)

Extremties: Heaviness, Forarms

Heavy spots here and there on the body, like shields

Impuls to jump, jerky mood

Impuls to smash the fly on Peters knee

Pain, sore, Foot, r, outer toes and back of the foot(2)

Pain, Knee, inner side next to patella, stitiching deeply inside.

Veins, worry about the

Sleep: going to bed at 8.30 p.m. with book (unusual)


We are playing ball in 2 teams, but I cant get the ball, because I don’t see well enough
I am on a street and unpack a computer. Lots of villagers come and stand around me. Somebody whom I like but who never came towards me comes and helps me out. A very good feeling.
At my parents house I have to do some cycle repair. The same person comes and proposes to help me and I spontaneously say: Okay, lets do it. When I want to leave, and he too, it looks like a thunderstorm coming up, better be carerful.
4) I am in a room with a guy I hardly know, and want to have sex with him. I ask if he has a condom, and he says no. Immediately then the whole mood is completely gone and matter is over.*

5) Mirrabelle ist doing a kind of handstand with face facing the ground, body bend upward on a stoneslab, like in a window and just below is the abyss. Please! Don’t do this!

6) Daydream: family travelling: the woman longing to go home, to the known place and area.

7)Daydream: Buffet: to find the right food: Cambodia: grilled Cockroaches available on the market


Feel the vibrations on the floor, felt sense very important. Feel whatever trembling is or might be there.

Immobile, body, also of the other provers.*

Mood, Mental symptoms: 1)“I do it all alone” mood in town during shopping

Very upset with person standing close or behind me: “Leave the distance” and “ladies first” with gesture to sort of push the others away.

2)I can just be alone, on my own, not need anybody, nor any contact and be selfcontent in house in garden, my area and all is fine. Why all this running around?

3) Amazed that people come to do the trituration, that they are interested in this stuff. Sort: its only my thing, I do it all, thats how it is – and now they come for this??

4) Leaving the door open…

5) keep remarking the peacock feather moving in the back of my eye. Alert looks, without moving the body.

6) “I will find my way”

7) Each one give what he can give – sort of “an eye for an eye, a teeth for a teeth”. That has to be clear first of all. No kidding! This is what I give,- in turn you give me that- and nothing less then that. Justice first. Love and heart issues come after.

8) Punch, desire to somebody.

9)some worry about the future – spec. Reg others future.. how to organise and keep up with house, food, basic amenities.

10) Fear, behind me, somebody

11) Fear, bird sitting… is there a ..

Comments in the room:

Peter: if you have it on your tongue,( say what is could be)

Prover sss: maybe its an animal that hibernates. I hope its not a rat, saw a dead rat..

Tough survivor, so many of them

The specially chosen ringtone of your cell phone… is revealing of… who you are!

Susanne: camouflage, mischievious

Something thats sitting up the roof

A sloth? Its moving very slowly. An animal that sleeps all day. Monkey?

Mongoose? A civet Cat: it stays in the trees the whole day.

Housecat? Or a fairy tale animal, a unicorn?

Something that sleeps all day long, and then: One noise and suddenly it moves.

&Its a hunter, not a victim.

&superior. Very strong. Detached. Individuality. Meditate – sleep. Not much thought, intellect.

Like a painter in his realm.

&Totally content in his space. Has a big place, his territory. Knows well about all animals who live there and when something is weak it gets caught. & (&& All qualities of reptiles !)

Grass, green grass, Jumping in grass

Live children – not eggs. (The Calotes versicolor lays eggs though)

&Cold blood

Going into my treehouse now and sleep

Secluded, stick to oneself, not so many enemies,

Not a predator which is like this UUaahh (lion), but he is catching others

&Well defined territory

&Very good hearing, sensitive to the vibrations, waves on the ground.


Leguan, Big ones, sleeping a lot on the trees.

It can take different personalities.

Chameleon: it goes so slow!

“A serious job – we are not here to love”

An Animal that cannot be “trusted”, mischievious

Monkey? They look friendly, but then they can do anything.


Peacock: no enemy: but so proud – and wouldn’t have this energy of sleepiness.

“Its a matter of life and death”

Reptile! : chameleon, gecko

Aspiring to be higher.

Snakes: laze around the whole day,

Crocodile: comepletely motionless, you think they are dead.

Big lizard, monitor lizard.

Crocodile farm.

It has sharp teeth and snout.

A real challenge today.

Dealing with stress in a light way, running away in a playful manner, groups of police standing here and ther..

Sonja rescued one of these lizards yesterday: her cat caught a baby one and Sonja took it off her mouth and on the trunk of a tree. Cats are enemies for the babies.

Headache because of so much focus on the prey.

Prover B, constitutional remedy known

Before actual day of trituration:

Saving a baby Calotes from the cat who had caught it putting it back on the tree where it stayed very quiet.

Moods and mind before calm and very organized, not perpetuated by negativity.

Busy with many things – Maintaining sense of order and calm.

Dreams of being followed by police, but getting away.

Escaping with a little girl. Then we fall through a rotten garden shed roof. I save her by grabbing her wrist.

Dreaming of always going the same way that I know from the past different scenes but going always the same way as habit.*

Sensation: of having a lot of time, time goes slower

Sensation, as if my wrists are getting thicker

My teeth feel or are sharper and I am biting my inner cheeks.*

First hour

Meditation: Memory of day before I went to school bragging that I was already in school, remember my gray clothes and red leather bag.

Vision of chubbed belly like a cockroachs

Slight feeling of disappointment betrayal, shame

Comfortable in my solitude (even in the group)

Very sleepy desire to sleep, heavy.

Head, heavy forehead

Smell, heightened sense of

Cramp in the right side of the vagina

Feeling the blood in my veins warm

Streaming feet sensation of the elbows

Second hour


Wanting to stay happy and ignorant

Fear of disillusion

Docile, tamasic, comfortable without emotion.

Being detached like looking at things from a distance (mountain or out of a train)

Enjoying not being directly involved

Receptive but not defensive.

Going the known way

Moments of apprehension (what if)

Third hour

No thoughts: just a kind of heavy descending in the brain.

Just momories of movement, like the roads I went or cycled.

Thought of my cat how quickly she move from sleep to action.


No desire to go out. I do not care

Prover C

The night before remedy preparation, I had a dream of a very crowded place, many people unusually cramped into a small space who had some unusual but acceptable behavior. They could betray each other unexpectedly (you could trust nobody) but somehow they all felt comfortable about it as if it was natural.

At the beginning of preparation I started feeling extremely heavy and sleepy and this went on all the way through the process.

I felt that we are preparing an animal substance immediately when we started the session.

Fourth hour

I suddenly had a clear picture of Sigrid visiting the Crocodile Reserve near Chennai to obtain a sample from the animal and I told her so. It turned out that she has actually done this visit but hasn’t managed to get the sample she required.

After the vision I described, I thought of my dream the night before and I realized that the condition and the behaviour of the people in my dream was exactly how the Crocodiles behave in this reserve. This persuaded me to come to the conclusion that it is a Crocodile remedy we are making!

Prover D, constitutional remedy known

Physical symptoms

face swelling enlarged

Pain, neck le lightly sensitive

Extremities, shoulder, left, light pulling to the hand

Emotional symptoms

Dumb, unconcernd-feeling of being save like in a cave-time and spaceless-there is a force moving

without question in depth

Day dreams

sunny landscape green grass-clever hunter knows well its territorium-playful-children are live born,

grounded with the earth-quick death of enemies-lazy-transformation

Essence territorial-hunter-hearing sharp teeth -eating meat – I go walking and lose completlz???


I am completely disorientated driving a car. The break is not working and I cannot find a place to park it. There is a very angry man and I cannot find the way back. Than there is a policeman beside me. Immediately I know that I must tell him that my licence is at home and the problems with the car. He is very nice and invites me to come with him. He gives me a paper with the address of a mechanic and I am surprised that it is so easy, but I am suspicious if he wants something else then drinking tea. I am wondering about the leaves in the cup – it cannot be sting nettle . Than he is standing in front of me in underpants and I think he is disabled – but better to be nice with him. Than he starts acting like improvisation theatre – he is calling somebody. Than he is telling that we can go and play directly on stage. I have the feeling he is trying to change my mood because I am so confused and not happy. I feel dull. On my way there is a woman I know from early times with a child. I start forming a baby from clay. I do the body and the head and suddenly there are normal hands and feet. Its alive and growing quickly and even moving. But than I don’t like it anymore and I leave. (Prover gets a mammal remedy) I am still confused and then I meet again this woman and she gives me money for the night. There is a cheap hostel and she gives him the money because if I would touch it, it would change. I show them how I can divide a coin (2euro) in two. Then I find the stairs going to my room. I cannot believe that I should stay there – it’s like going in a deep hole and I cannot remember what happens then. When I wake up I am afraid.

Prover C

The day before

I heard and felt my heart beat and felt the blood pulsating in my veins, especially in my forearms. I felt my veins dilating.


First hour:

I felt very tired, and at peace, my mind was clear.

I identified with a chameleon, because I felt I had the ability adapt to any any situation. Everything was good, everything was fine.

Very tired.

Relaxation, peace, quietness

I was able to anything, that life was « a long quiet river » – no worries

Intense headache

I felt my pulse and my veins

Heat and circulation of blood, specially in my forearms.

2nd hour

Still the sensation of peace and tranquility. Quietness.

Very few thoughts only


Lower part of the face feels heavy

Pain behind the eyeballs

Heart feels very open, but not many emotions

3rd hour

– positive thoughts
– thinking of people I like

-negative thoughts zooming by like a rocket.

Dream the night after the trituration

– beautiful dream that I remember with a
beautiful man I know and I like very much,(this was very pleasant…mmmmmhhh this could last longer) and this is very unsual because I quite don’t remember my dreams usually)
Day after trituration: One hour of dizziness when I was in front of my computer at the office.