Trituration Blue Whale

Blue Whale Trituration November 2009 in Auroville

The trituration was conducted up to C 4. Afterwards a homoeopathic pharmacy in Pondicherry has manufactured the remedy in C30, C200 and C 1000. All the 5 participants had a homoeopathic background, 2 men and 3 women.

This trituration was conducted with the agreement that in the first hour the focus would be on physical symptoms, in the second hour on emotional symptoms, in the third hour on mental symptoms and in the fourth hour on the spiritual essence of this substance.This “C4- Trituration” has been developed by Witold Erler, Berlin, Labopharma, about 10 years ago. Since then it has shown that this way of “meeting a substance” is a simple and effective method to do a “small proving”, in order to grasp and experience the energy of new (or of well proven) homoeopathic remedies.The effects can be explained by the phenomenon of the “morphogenetic fields” first discovered by Rupert Sheldrake, which is the phenomenon of the transmission of energy fields, supported through the clear intent of the participants to experience this energy, even to submit their body and mind as a sort of playground for this experiment..

The participants do not know the proving substance (but at this trituration the supervisor knew the substance) Some of the participants experience already physical, emotional and mental symptoms or dreams and affinities in their daily life even before the trituration has started.The substance was a piece of bone from the Blue whale. With the announcement of the proving substance at the end of the trituration all symptoms will completely disappear.

C4 Trituration – 4 hours

First Hour Physical -Symptoms

Prover A

Bloated feeling

Relaxed, calmness

No desire to move

Pleasant heaviness

No drive, rather remain sitting or lying, content, happy / right down in the physical

Body feels strong


Distended abdomen

Stitches in the abdomen


Pain in right shoulder, slightly stitching, dull

Prover M

briefly pain in right side of larynx, restricted sensitivity, swallowing aggravates

Oversensitive to smell and noise

Prover P

A ringing in the head

Noises, whistling in the head

Dizzy, everything turns a bit around in front of the eyes

A certain clumsiness and heaviness in the body

A sinking feeling combined with a pulling

Going down(wards)

Pressure in the solar plexus

Pressure in the stomach

Pressure on the chest

Stiff muscles in the shoulder line

Desire to close the eyes

Very hungry – desire for fish

Cold feet!!

Great calmness, very relaxed

Skin more sensitive

Prover S

Lots of saliva in the mouth

Itching on the arms

Bloated abdomen,

very sensitive to noises and smells, generally. all sense- impressions are increased

Cold hands and feet, running nose

Second hour Emotional- symptoms:

Prover A.

Completely happy with the situation, joy, calmness

Inner joy

Very much alive

Active communication

Comfy, cozy


Christmas feeling


A great peace, not charged with emotions

Discipline gets interrupted

Too late – not wanting to have stress, I come when I am ready.

Warm, affectionate/opening

Natural, free

Desire for enjoyment


But also depression, inertia after too much of consuming, at the end of the holidays, desire for fasting or dieting, to live healthy again.

To be in good hands

Sensuality, seductive

Temptation, the feeling carries you away

(adendum: Association of sirens, islands, singing, temptation but danger)

Unbelievably happy, peaceful, could see a landscape, could cry because of so much happiness

Have to go out for eating, or at least have some ice-cream somewhere, not possible to stay at home.

Prover M

Comfy, communicative

A light, pleasant chat of people who know each other

Joyous, lightened up mood

Equable, withdrawn

Feeling absolutely happy and at home in this group

Enjoyment, could eat all the time


Difficult to get into action

Little structure – don’t want to write down anything, no concentration for details; it doesn’t matter how long we triturate.. totally trusting the whole process

No discipline

Feels cold like in winter, I would not be surprised if it starts snowing now

Christmas feeling

Longing for my family

Prover P

The real Christmas feeling…

A festive feeling

Full of expectations

A feeling as if there will be light after a long period of darkness.

Desire to help others

Happy to help others

Urge to heal

Very much withdrawn

Pulled inward

Very cheerful

In the mood to joke and laugh

Desire to play

Feeling of well being to be within the group

Healing, good thoughts,

Feeling to be at home and well



Very communicative, but within the group, in the known familiar group and then merge in it.

Very balanced and relaxed, very communicative, timeless, no stress, very grounded and vast at the same time, wonderful wisdom, very centered especially when eyes are closed and then comes a feeling of clarity, very warm and affectionate. Family and familiarity. Laughter. To share the happiness, Positive thoughts, healing thoughts, very solid and big, mighty, but very tender. Longing for vastness and the unknown, thoughts about death but very natural and calm. A kind of numb feeling.

Prover S

I have to go out, go to a restaurant, otherwise I feel depressed.

Don`t know what to wear, but then I put on something that I usually never wear…and a girlfriend doesn`t recognize me! That makes me happy!

The sense of time is different – I do my things, but no stress please. A very cozy Sunday morning.

Third hour Mental- symptoms:

Prover A

Glitter, sparkling, snow, as if I would stand in a ball of snow.

Silence, ice

Lots of movement, animated

Tendency to be carried away

Spirit is stimulated, scattered

To close the eyes gives inner peace

Themes of discussion: traveling, psychology, politics, snow, ice, mountains, nature

No sense of time

Traveling, freedom, to break away, without thinking about it

Yesterday I almost knocked off a child with the motorbike, nothing happened, but this small child started crying,

I was totally shocked!

To cook something good and special, to try something new

To overeat, to let oneself go too much for a long time, one day one has to stop it.

Prover M

Auditive hallucinations: while scraping in the mortar I hear a child crying, as if it would die and then I hear a duck quacking and then a rat is calling

A picture of clear, calm, cold sea – one can mirror oneself in the surface

To be in nature.

Ice, snow, huskies.

Cold climate, dry clear air.

Eternity, eternal calmness.

The knowing about oneness

Lost in the dream world

Details are not so important; everything will come together as a whole

Polar bears, rubies

To go to sleep, hibernation, the time of rest

To withdraw in one`s shell, everything withdraws to the centre


Prover P

To be a sacrificial animal

To be extinguished

No ego

perception is fogged, actually there is nothing in the head

As if in a dream (as if in train oil)

Light trance

At a loss for words

Desire to make sounds, to whistle or to sing

Addicted to harmony



Loneliness in the sense of all-oneness

Traveling, desire to travel in faraway countries

I also cooked myself a nice dinner

Prover J

Dream: The balcony falls apart, somebody screams there – was it my godchild that stays with me ? Great fear that the child fell into death, but then it turned out that it was an old man und he was doing very well according to the situation…he is hardly suffering. The ambulance was called. The care and the compassion were very strong.

Thoughts about snow, water, igloo, coldness, sailors, fishes, plants, familiarity, a kind of blocked memory, to receive and give love…

Fourth hour The essence or energy of this substance

Prover A

It unites the feeling of being at home and to travel One feels always at home, even when you travel to the most distant place on earth. To travel and to be at home is the same thing.

Prover P

Dreamlike states or delusions: Icy landscapes, Antarctic, Greenland, Polar bears, which slowly are getting extinct, because the ice sheet or the ice is melting and thus theire habitat and basic food supply is going to be taken away from them.

Theme: Global warming

Apocalyptic feelings, Noah`s arc, Species become extinct.

Extrasensory perceptions

Telepathy – Use of the subtle, etheric powers and channels



Wanting to stop time

Longing for the beyond

The wisdom of old.

Emerging of the old knowledge – wisdom

Connected with the primeval source

The poem of Rilke, which came to me already the evening before:

“That is the longing: To live in the turmoil

and having no home in time.

And those are the wishes: gentle dialogs

of day`s hours with eternity.”

J Perhaps an animal: especially because of the pronounced sense perception, and at the same time the coldness. Or maybe a winter plant: the Christmas star (euphorbia pulcherrima) Calmness, Vastness, grey blue, white- yellow, glittering, a big heart with a deep connection… A fish, fishes, ocean…..

The energy in the room:

Peter had to go and get his red woolen socks, because his feet became so cold, Julia had to cover her cold feet, Sigrid felt her feet comfortably cold…

Then Peter brought something else along with the socks…In fact a toy- emergency- ambulance- car !


At the beginning of the trituration:

J. and M. are 20 minutes late – they don’t say anything nor excuse themselves! It is just that – an attitude “of just being there and everything is fine. .”

J. talks about a friend, whom Peter knows as well, he has fallen from a tree and has hurt himself a lot. And then there is another friend of most participants, who had a very severe accident a couple of days ago – everybody is full of sympathy and asks how he is now.

A dream and two true stories about a child nearly dying shocks all the participants..

During the trituration several participants are nibbling something and try from each other. Somebody is very hungry around 1 p.m. and has to eat something immediately instead of making his notes.

Traveling, large travels and long travels are a big theme. .

Communication: Everybody throws in their stories as well as their symptoms, great desire for communication. No chance to find who has which symptom: “Yes, I have the same thing.…“ goes on for quite some time. Only in the 4th hour of the trituration this need to communicate and listen to each other storys comes slowly to an end.

It is impossible to keep the times for triturating and scraping …to take a look at the watch becomes totally irrelevant Rather do I set the clock myself….

The theme of Christmas is emerging again and again.