Services, Internships, Study

Integral Health comprises of two rooms, which are utilised for consultation by the three homoeopath, for study and info sessions. One of the rooms is equipped with a considerable collection of homoeopathic remedies, the other one with a library on homoeopathy and some related subjects.

Info Sessions
At times info sessions on “The New Sankaran Method”, Vaccination, the new remedies “Harmony and Samata” etc. are presented here. Our triturations and the ongoing training course in “Classical homoeopathy – Sankaran Method” are taking place here as well.

First Aid Kits
We provide a Homoeopathic First Aid Kit – 32 remedies in a beautiful case accompanied by a small manual (available in English, French and German).

On request I will have interested homoeopaths with some experience with the Sankaran Method sit in with me casetaking sessions. I believe that this is very important learning for homoeopaths. Unfortunately this essential part of homoeopathic training is missing too often in the regular curriculums. Therefore I am very glad to offer this opportunity. I am practising in English, French, German and Tamil languages according to the mother language of the client though.